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Welcome to my website, the purpose of this website is to get more people interested in physics. For that I write blogs on many interesting topics encompassing all types of fields, not just constrained to physics.

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The Fundamentals of Topology dealt with less math and more intuition

Introduction: Ever thought that a cup and a donut are similar – Yeah, me neither (though I dunk donuts in cups of coffee regularly). However, it turns out that these two seemingly unrelated bodies share many properties in common. Let’s talk about that. In school, you must have heard that circles are just special cases of ellipses. How’s that so? Well for the math geeksContinue reading “The Fundamentals of Topology dealt with less math and more intuition”

The Königsberg Problem and its relation to graph theory and beyond.

Königsberg, an old city in Prussia, founded in 1255 (Presently Kaliningrad, Russia) had a River passing through it, the River Pregel, which the city divided into a tuning fork shape(see Fig 1). In the early 18th century the citizens of the city roamed through the intricate array of the seven bridges which connected various parts of the city across the Pregel River. These bridges leadContinue reading “The Königsberg Problem and its relation to graph theory and beyond.”

Rapid growth of pollutant particles in cold urban air

Delhi, one of the most polluted cities in the world, every year around winter a cold toxic smog envelops the city. During the lockdown its air quality had improved, but still as winter came around and the city started to open up, so did the pollution. There are serious health implications because of these kinds of smog. This smog caused because of Particulate Matter (PM)Continue reading “Rapid growth of pollutant particles in cold urban air”

From Beautiful Tilings to Improbable Crystals

“There are no quasicrystals only quasi-scientists.” Linus Pauling the two time Noble Laureate. So, what are these quasicrystals, who discovered them and why did Linus Pauling disagree with their existence. We shall begin to answer these questions. The crystallographic restriction theorem: A 3 Dimensional Lattice (crystal) can only have 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6-fold rotational symmetry. Basically, N-fold symmetry happens when u rotate aContinue reading “From Beautiful Tilings to Improbable Crystals”

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I am a high school student passionate in physics. I made this website to give out handouts and blog on some new and interesting discoveries.

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