The Fundamentals of Topology dealt with less math and more intuition

Introduction: Ever thought that a cup and a donut are similar – Yeah, me neither (though I dunk donuts in cups of coffee regularly). However, it turns out that these two seemingly unrelated bodies share many properties in common. Let’s talk about that. In school, you must have heard that circles are just special casesContinue reading “The Fundamentals of Topology dealt with less math and more intuition”

From Beautiful Tilings to Improbable Crystals

“There are no quasicrystals only quasi-scientists.” Linus Pauling the two time Noble Laureate. So, what are these quasicrystals, who discovered them and why did Linus Pauling disagree with their existence. We shall begin to answer these questions. The crystallographic restriction theorem: A 3 Dimensional Lattice (crystal) can only have 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6-foldContinue reading “From Beautiful Tilings to Improbable Crystals”